About Grace United

Our Vision Statement:

We will be a bold, nurturing, liberal Christian witness in God's world.

Our Mission

As a Christian community we search for God's Divine Truth in our time with deep questions and reverence and live it with excitement and respect.

The Spirit of What We Believe and Live

  • We believe that all people are children of God and there are no exclusions to this radically freeing belief.
  • We acknowledge that there are many paths to God's Divine Truth.
  • We strive to live in a right-relationship with God, each other and all of creation with peace and justice.
  • We encourage and explore all honest questions of faith and are willing to live without definitive answers.
  • We worship God joyfully and embrace our historical past but continue to change because time and change are God's gift to us.
  • We extend God’s sacraments and blessings to all people.
  • We encourage all to bring their dreams and talents to be supported and shared.

Our Responsibilities

  • We practice open arms, open hearts, open minds in everything we do.
  • We provide an environment to encourage the search for God's Divine Truth in our time.
  • We use music in our search to create excitement, respect and reverence.
  • We carry Grace's vision and beliefs to a wide cross section of our community, both local and distant.
  • We provide financial resources necessary to move us closer to our vision.
  • We charge our leaders to make decisions on our behalf to help us realize our vision.

Our Past and Our Present:

Our Church has ministered to the needs of the community since 1880 when it was built as a Methodist Congregation. With Church Union in 1925 it became a congregation of The United Church of Canada. Over the years, other Pastoral Charges throughout the valley have amalgamated with Grace, constantly enriching and expanding the Grace family.

Regular worship is held Sunday at 10:30 a.m. with a variety of inspirational music led by our talented Music Director Blaine Sack and featuring our Senior Choir in addition to our handbell choir and other guest musicians and soloists. We sing hymns from both the Voices United and More Voices hymnals. Grace-Full Moments is a children’s program that welcomes kids of all ages to participate during the Sunday morning worship service. Our accessibility standards include offering an FM hearing system and large font bulletins. The main areas of the church are fully wheelchair accessible with an elevator servicing all three levels. There is ample parking including designated wheelchair spots.

Join us for fellowship and sharing each Sunday during our weekly coffee time following the service or check the calendar for our monthly pot luck suppers.

General Information

Office Hours: Monday & Friday 9 - 5 for Administration, Accounting and General Inquiry. Office closed on Tuesdays.

Office Administration: Volunteers will be in the office from 9:00 – 12:00 Friday mornings.  If you have an announcement, continue to email Rosemary accounting@graceunitedthornbury.ca before 9:00 am Friday. In the email subject line, please type “Announcement”. If you are coming into the office, please check in with the volunteer first and then we can help you or direct your request. We will also be answering phones and working on other small projects. Thanks for your assistance.

If you or your family are involved in community events, and are willing to be identified in our bulletin, please email Rosemary.

Minister:  Rev. Thérèse Samuel is in and out of the office Mon & Wed - Fri. You are welcome to contact her by email at rev.tess@yahoo.ca  or phone the church and press 2 to leave a message.  Emergency pastoral care is available 7 days a week.  The emergency contact number is on the minister’s voicemail.

Refreshments are always shared in the lower level following service. Thank you to Ashanti Coffee for their generous donations of coffee!

For the comfort of everyone, we try to maintain a “fragrance-free” environment. Please be considerate of those sensitive to perfumes & other fragrances.

Groups and individuals are welcome to use church space for meetings provided it is booked beforehand. Please contact the office to make arrangements.

Know anyone who needs a card from Grace? We like to let our congregants know we are thinking of them during times of illness, bereavement and on special occasions too. Please keep our Pastoral Care Team informed by contacting Teddi Murray 705-445-3195 or teddimurray@gmail.com

Name Tags – please wear your name tag each Sunday to help one another and visitors get to know you!

Parishioners in the Hospital: If you, a family member or someone you know in the congregation is hospitalized, please let Rev. Thérèse know. The hospitals appreciate it when our minister or lay volunteers visit our members. We usually check the Meaford hospital about once a week.

Sunday Sermons are now available online. Please google soundcloud, set up your own account, then search grace united thornbury (leaving spaces), then choose the service by date. Direct any comments to sound@graceunitedthornbury.ca Thank you.

P.O. Box 219, Thornbury, Ontario, N0H 2P0   Phone (519) 599-2438
e-mail: accounting@graceunitedthornbury.ca    web:www.graceunitedthornbury.ca

140 Bruce St. Thornbury ON
Valerie Nichol, Beginnings
Valerie Nichol, Beginnings
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